By using or allowing another to use your Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Debit Card, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Debit Card Account Agreement (“this Agreement”). Anonymous. The Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Debit Card may be used everywhere … Another advantage is that it is easy to keep track of receiving and spending the benefits through the card's online website or mobile app. Depending on the state, claimants who certify their unemployment benefits online or using an alternative method … In order to file a claim for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits you must be separated from your employer or experience a reduction in your work hours. var intYear = dteNow.getFullYear(); Unemployment Insurance (UI) is an employer-paid insurance program that provides you with benefits when you’re separated from a job at no fault of your own. This Agreement discloses the terms and conditions of your Kentucky … Payments released through unemployment direct deposit offer many benefits to recipients, such as prompt payment early on payday, no lost checks in the mail and no need to visit a post office or a bank to cash the check. Hey there! In return, we offer safe and attractive jobs and comprehensive opportunities for personal development and qualification. Have you received a notification regarding unemployment fraud or do you suspect unemployment fraud on your account? For Kentucky unemployment insurance claimants, the check no longer has to come in the mail. Q: How often will I get the $600? When will you receive your first payment, if you are eligible? Gov. All salary statements since KHRIS Go-Live (March 2011) are stored here and are accessible at any time*. Generally, it takes five to seven days for processing. You must sign up for direct deposit online.. Sign up when you apply for unemployment benefits. Is your check issued by an employer? You do not need to have a bank account to get the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Debit Card. //