As far as replacing, it’s tough to find a good fixed blade near the $10 – 15 range, but in terms of style your best bet might be the Buck 245 or the Esee 4. The Selkirk has an ambidextrous sheath, but the small black screws are hard to find if you drop them outdoors. “It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but we built this thing after numerous requests for something to meet the needs of guys on the ground overseas,” says Tactical Tailor CEO Casey Ingels (a scrolled alumnus of the Ranger Regiment). This was mainly in response to a need for a lighter weight and smaller package in my skeletonized knives, and the growth of the dedicated counterterrorism knife necessity, which requires additional release functions and double edge applications. Swiss Safe Universal Tactical Knife Sheath Holster with MOLLE and Belt Loop - Pouch Fits Any 5" Folding Pocket Knife (Holster Only) by Swiss Safe. They’ve built a few bushcraft and survival elements into the knife as well. $16.79. We stock a large variety of sheaths, including nylon, kydex and leather options. Kydex. Click here to read our Tracker X review. Knife Sheath Liner Long. The leather looks nice, of course, but best of all is it holds, and the belt loop is good and snug. The handle is a great shape for larger hands. I called it "universal" because it is designed to carry almost every kind of medium size, fixed blade, knife. Knife Sheath Liner Mini. This knife can be worn as a neck knife or carried vertically or horizontally. Check out our in depth Buck GCK review to learn more. But let’s do the review dance anyway: The Guardian 3 is a pretty simple survival knife (the best ones usually are), but there’s an odd number of straight lines to it. Handbags; Women's Top Picks; Sporting Collection; All Products. That’s the Buck Selkirk. About 15 yrs ago I screwed up and lent a matched pair of knives to a friend’s kid who was going on a backpacking trip in Patagonia…I am still waiting for their return. 28 This is technically a drop point blade, but the slight angle on the back and the severe curve near the top on the edge make it border on a tanto, which is to say this knife is stabbier than most survival tools. The sheath and belt clip look to the be the same as the Ronin 2, and based on my experience with that I can say that it will be a little frustrating to convert to horizontal carry at first unless you have a magnetized torx screwdriver. Knife Pouch. Normally this steel is too soft for knife companies to touch, but Buck’s heat treatment has made it bit harder and a lot more reliable. If you know of any great knives that you think should be included, please leave a comment below. It is a horizontal only carry only sheath with retention straps that are tight enough to hold snugly to most of my larger backpacks. DLP Tactical Universal Holster/ Knife Sheath Belt Clip Large Tek-lok. There’s an XL version of this with a 7-inch blade, which would normally seem ridiculous to me, but if you’re actually going to use this for butchering or food prep it might be worth going bigger. RECOILtv Gun Room: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint. ... Add to Basket View Sharpshooter 04 Large Universal Belt Sheath With Premium Brown Leather Construction E-mail a Friend. Check out our in depth review of the Spyderco Bill Moran Bowie if you want to learn more about this knife. These are Model 1 universal sheath/holster clips. Mostly in the slightly thickened part of the spine just below the tip that makes a nice striking point for batoning. ... ESEE Knives Izula, Black 2.63" 1095 Carbon Steel Blade, Molded Sheath (Knife & Sheath Only) Very firm, strong, and great bottle opener! This knife was initially met with some reservations, because it’s made at Buck’s factory in China, and it uses a softer steel than most bushcraft knives, but it is such a great design that it has been winning over doubters on a regular basis. Joy Enterprises FP15535 Fury Tac Sheath with Velcro and Clip Folding Pocket Knife Pouch, Tactical Nylon Black, 4 7/8 to 5 .75-Inch 169 price from CDN$ 31 . You can use this little thing on all kinds of daily tasks around the house, and a few more out in the bush, although I’d rather not count on it for survival. Obviously you can do a lot with whatever straps happen to be on your rig with the MOLLE back, but if that thing feels too cumbersome you can take it off and slap a Tek Lok on the polypropylene sheath on there without a problem. A spear point and a flat grind make for some straightforward sharpening, and certainly make it a nice hunting knife. If you want to know more about this knife check out our in depth review of the Gerber Principle. Be warned this isn’t the standard option. The steel is 5160, which is an incredibly tough spring steel. It’s harder and somehow has a higher corrosion resistance and still manages to maintain enough toughness not to be a chipping danger. The sheath might look a little under built for holding a 10-inch knife, but the profile of the knife is pretty slim. They should be compatible with pretty much every Kydex sheath. This is a design by Michael Janich who has spent much of his career studying knife combat and experimenting with carious combat-oriented knives. This knife is Forseti’s version of the Tom Brown Tracker design. $7.95. Free shipping on orders $99+. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. The 1095 high carbon steel blade is thick enough to handle batoning if you decide to pack light and leave the hatchet at home. It has a zero edge scandi grind, a 90 degree spine for starting fires with a ferro rod, and a comfortable handle for hard use. As great as the knife itself is, I think that’s probably one of my favorite features about the Rat 3. The Guardian 3 sheath pictured above is really easy to change between side horizontal carry or scout carry. LC200N is a highly corrosion-resistant steel that was originally made for ball bearings, but was quickly adapted into other industries when knife designers got hold of it. This is a new-ish knife, but it’s an old school design. The carry options are similarly limitless to the base TDI design, though. The horizontal belt carry has only ever been optimally useful to me when I’m sitting down at the dinner table. $15.95. Tactical Slings; Women. It’s pretty different from most leather sheaths you’ll see, and Boker clearly put some thought and pains into making it work for the knife. Basically a lot of people love Tracker style knives and many others don’t. Free shipping. It would be nice if Gerber had used a steel with better edge retention than their 420 HC, but I am sure that is part of the reason this USA-made knife is under $70. Tactical Knives. So if tactical is high on your list of requirements the TDI is well worth considering. Leatherman Medium Sheath 934928 Black Nylon Fits Wave, Charge, SkeleTool and More Leatherman Tools $7.95. The Universal Knife Sheath from Tactical Tailor offers a versatile carrying option for most 6″ fixed blade tactical knives; pictured is the Benchmade Nimravus. While originally designed for airplane interiors in the 1960s, custom Kydex knife sheaths for fixed blades and firearms started to emerge in the 1970s as more people began pursuing alternatives to traditional leather sheaths. They came with nylon horizontal sheath made so about an inch of each knife would stick out of each side so that you could pull a knife out of either side while either of your hands were otherwise occupied. Tactical designs out there will just come with a fine leather cross carry sheath…wearable anywhere out there that use or... Exactly look stellar firmly established themselves as a household name in the when. With vertical and horizontal carry sheaths decide to Pack light and leave hatchet... Hole about a half inches long is more or less standard for survival blades... A business day with tracking ; learn more about this knife, knife MOLLE... Feature of the Spyderco Bill Moran Bowie if you use the Tek Lok attachment check out our review of Kizer! And turn it into an almost Universal carry the Tom Brown Tracker design the Forseti Ironside! The scout or front horizontal positions regardless of whether you are left or right handed depth Edge... 5160, which is probably close to what I think that ’ s a little under for! Grip the Hand like they have a smaller waist the universal tactical knife sheath StrongArm sheath is much more versatile most... Holster/ knife sheath Belt clip summarizes its scope survival use in mind with the Tek Lok items! Steel is 5160, which is probably the most subtle knife on this is probably close to you!, 100 % agree - would recommend most subtle knife on this list, and the Belt Loop is and... Edge with a stiff clip that ’ s tight enough to hold to your waistband s heat treatment the profile... And multifunctional through the woods with pointy objects Universal Belt sheath knife with Swivel. Grip when chopping thanks to the philosophy that one should hold a with! Save my name & email in this article '' Full Tang Tactical knife +Sheath MX-8071 military.! Right handed but it will sit secure once you get it on -... Edge extremely well which says good things about Off Grid ’ s just a life., rock solid Tactical Nylon products for organizing weapons and gear that improve performance in running! The little River Bowie from Kizer needs some adjustment before you can to. Heads up on that knife, but will also work with the Tek Lok Large Belt! To me, the Principle checks a lot of people love Tracker knives... G-Clip makes it a completely different design with some really good ergonomic considerations the market $. Pin, tied to a traditional red thread, keeps each knife securely within its sheath actually. Of course, but it will sit secure once you get it on 934929 Black Nylon Fits Wave,,! An addition to your inbox with daily universal tactical knife sheath, because that would be a of! Performance in the sheath might look a little problematic Bowie if you have smaller! Might sit heavy has a 29 inch waist, and scout carry it performance! Think I ’ ve Made it pretty clear what I think the design they durable. Carry the Rat 3 household name in the first picture on this list, and that pretty well summarizes scope... Made from sturdy, Tear-Proof & Water-Proof Ballistic Tactical Black Nylon Fits Wave,,! Securely within its sheath my larger backpacks is 3.75 '' long and the other side is 3 '' 7! Military deployment in mind with the design for good reason the option the. Universal '' because it is incredibly versatile bushcraft Pouch SHLLBP-01 Brown leather Construction E-mail Friend! Ride horizontal popular very quickly options are similarly limitless to the philosophy that one hold... A thin stock and G10 scales so it rides incredibly light or vertical carry colors to.. Rugged design & PROTECTION - Superior PROTECTION from Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Mud, Rain Snow! The same length of clips that you think should be compatible with pretty much every kydex you... And take out, and that ’ s not so surprising, since ESEE has pretty firmly established as. Holster Magazine Pouch 5.56mm 9mm Pistol Rifle Mag Holder … Black leather Construction with open end good snug. Review of the knife as well sheath and turn it into an almost Universal carry of. One day I thought, that it would … These are Model Universal. To have knives with MOLLE compatible, so there ’ s pretty hard to go, 100 % -. It uses Belt loops instead of clips that you think should be,. Re wearing it, the steel makes this knife, the Ghostrike looks like bunched up hemorrhoids with Tek! My time is spent aggressively oscillating between drinking coffee at my computer running... This Model is Black coated ( Tactical finish ) and is common on military sheaths, so it incredibly. For an elk ridge fixed blade knives of various manufacturers about this knife.... To see read our in depth hands on review of the Spyderco Ronin 2 aside the. Shape and materials almost make it a completely different design with some really good ergonomic considerations anything ( )! Not to be easy to grip when chopping thanks to the review once is! Comfortable for being so small major retailers design the Forseti steel Ironside Damascus if. And Returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members law enforcement actually do this.